Equine America SUPER SO KALM POWDER 1kg

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Horses are fright and flight animals, and can be prone to excitability and nervousness in unfamiliar surroundings (such as a new competition or training venue), which can cause them to lose concentration and focus. Super So-Kalm powder provides three key micronutrients to help the horse to maintain a calm outlook and concentrate on his work. Magnesium - plays many important roles in the body, including muscle function, and is a key co-factor in enzymes which are important in nerve transmission. A lack of magnesium in the diet can result in neuro-muscular excitability. Calcium – interacts closely with magnesium and also plays important roles in maintaining correct muscle and nerve function Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - plays a key role in nerve impulse transmission, as well as in energy production. Super So-Kalm also provides tryptophan, a key amino acid which can be converted in the horse’s liver to produce the important B vitamin niacin.