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Pro-Bio Equine

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Product Description

Probiotic Recovery Paste with digestive & gastric support for horses, containing live beneficial yeast stabilising the intestinal flora and physiological digestion in cases of gastric disturbance, digestive disturbance or stress.

An essential amino acid for gut health. High concentrations of Threonine are needed for  mucous secretion in the gut. These secretions help protect the gut wall from:

  • Pathogens and endotoxins
  • Water loss
  • Physical damage
  • Digestive enzymes

B Vitamins
Promoting a healthy digestion in your horse. Supporting against inappetence.

Vitamin E
Improved immune response and disease resistance

 Vitamin C
Natural antioxidant

When to use Pro-Bio Paste: 

  • Following deworming
  • During veterinary treatment
  • During and after antibiotic treatment
  • Colic
  • During digestive disorders
  • During incidence of diarrhoea
  • Poor feeders
  • Prior to and during training
  • Travelling
  • Mare at foaling
  • Foals at birth

Feeding Instructions:


  • 5 ml per day following digestive upset
  • 10 ml per day following surgery for 5 days
  • 10 ml 24 hours prior to competing
  • 10 ml prior to travel
  • 10 ml approx 1.5 hours prior to competition

Foals : 5 ml

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