Foran Neutrolac 1L

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Liquid supplement for horses prone to tying up CONTAINS
  • Sodium Acid Citrate – to neutralise acid in the horse
  • Neutralises lactic acid in horses prone to tying-up
  Neutrolac is a concentrated, but small volume dose liquid supplement containing a potent systemic alkaliser which neutralises acid in the horse. Used regularly, Neutrolac neutralises lactic acid which is produced during exercise in the muscles and thereby helps prevent tying up. Giving Neutrolac an hour before hard work, can aid against lactic acid build up in the muscles, helping counteract muscle fatigue. Neutrolac can also be used immediately post exercise or racing, to help recovery from strenuous exercise, as it neutralises lactic acid and promotes drinking.   Horses prone to tying up will also benefit from regular electrolyte supplementation.   SUITABLE FOR Performance horses, particularly those prone to tying up