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Respiratory problems are the primary cause of underperformance in horses.

They reduce muscle oxygenation capacity, which directly affects sporting performance, thus creating specific nutritional requirements in horses.

Riders like to give this syrup to their horses when the weather gets colder or for a few days before and after a competition, as well as during long journeys in a confined space such as a horsebox or lorry.

Its texture means it can be administered either directly into your horse’s mouth or by spraying in the horse’s environment.

Balsamic Air is particularly palatable for horses and can be easily added to feed.

It contains five essential oils (Eucalyptus; Niaouli; Pine; Rosemary; Terpineol) & Grindelia, a plant extract.

Nutritional supplements for respiratory comfort. Balsamic Air provides support during respiratory discomfort. Can be used in all seasons.

Daily allowance:
10 ml, 2 times per day for 8 days.
BALSAMIC AIR can also be sprayed in the surrounding air. Shake well before use. Pour onto the feed or administer directly to the horse via the mouth.

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