Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup – Adults


Arena AluPro Stirrup

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The Acavallo stirrups Arena Alupro from BR are made of aluminium and a special polymer material.
This polymer material provides a resilient construction that provides more flexibility and comfort for the rider.
These stirrups are equiupped with a hinged safety mechanism with a small foot stop.
In the event of a fall, the weight of the rider opens the stirrup so that the foot does not hang in the stirrup.
The foot stop ensures that the stirrup only opens when it is really necessary.
Once the foot is out of the stirrup, the stirrup closes easily.
These stirrups have a stainless steel non-slip sole with a fine profile for optimal grip.
The chamfered stirrup belt supsension ensures a good stirrup position. This provides more stability and improves the leg position.

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